Power Saving Accessory for Dry Pumps ECO-SHOCK ES4A


ECO-SHOCK is a revolutionary dry pump accessory that can reduce power consumption by attaching to the dry pump exhaust line. 
ES4A is optimal model for the power saving and reduction of dry pump for the frequently air exhaust of Load/Unload chamber or for back pump of turbo-molecular pump which takes long time to reach to the ultimate pressure.

 Patent is registered (China,Japan,Korea,Singapore,Taiwan)









  • ECO-SHOCK contributes to energy saving
    - The power consumption of the dry pump can be reduced substantially.
    (Ex.)Max. 59% of power reduction at ultimate pressure running and 34% of power reduction at repeatedly chamber gas exhausting.
    (Ratio of our company's LR3601-R) *1 *2 *3
    - As the effect which suppresses the heat generation of the dry pump, it can reduces the electric power of the air-conditioning equipment too.
  • Excellent results when used with a multi-stage root type dry pump. *4 
    Very effective when dry pump runs lower than 1000Pa.
  • No reduction in pumping speed at all pressure range
    ECO-SHOCK doesn't depend on dry pump revolving-speed-control,for that there is no degradation of the exhaust speed.
  • Easy installation
    Easy installation by attaching a valve unit to the exhaust pipe. *5 *6

*1   Measure example of 300L chamber repeatedly air exhaust in the tact of 60 seconds.
*2   Not capable to use in applications such as flammable, burn ability and toxic gas exhausts or for solid/fluid suction.
*3   Power reduction ratio depends on the attachment model and the conditions of use.
*4   Dry pump which exhaust port can operate with no problem under vacuum is applicable. Do not install to the dry pump which exhaust port can not operate under vacuum.
*5   The installation method differ on the dry pump model type and structure.
(A modification is required with LR3600,LR3601(-R)pump to mount ECO-SHOCK)
*6   Modification could be required prior to installation of the ECO-SHOCK.
Contact your nearest ULVAC service center for installation.


  •  Countermeasure for dry pump power saving
    - Power saving of dry pumps that is used in frequently exhaust such as Load / Unload chambers.
    - Power saving of dry pumps where is using a big amount sealing gas. - Power saving of dry pumps that the exhaust velocity is high at atmospheric pressure.
    (Example)Equivalent to ULVAC's model LR180,LR421,LR3600,LR3601,LR3601-R


PowerRequirementsAC200~220V±5% 50/60Hz 1phase
Control systemInputRemote activation / stop (Electrical energize DC 24V wet contact.)
Prepare the dry contact of equal to or more than 2.0 A contact-ratings.
* Pin jumper connection is required to operate the manual Start/Stop by circuit protector.
Output(1)Activation checker (2)Energy saving checker 
(3)Main unit alarm (4)Over-current alarm
DisplayDisplay Running time, Output signal status (1) to (4)
Connection portφ16mm tube connector *Recommend for tubing length of 1.5m less


>> Effects <<

ULVAC pump modelLR1800LR3601-R
Pumping speed *7Mechanical booster pump1784m3/hr(29700L/min)3200m3/hr(53333L/min)
Dry pump237m3/hr(3950L/min)440m3/hr(7333L/min)
Average power consumption
*8 *9
At ultimate pressureWithout ES4A6.0kW7.8kW
With ES4A2.7kW3.2kW
Power save55%59%
At repeatable pumping *10Without ES4A7.2kW9.6kW
With ES4A5.7kW6.3kW
Power save21%34%

*7  At 60Hz power
*8  At Seal Gas 5SLM
*9   Include ES4A Power 
*10  Measure example of 300L chamber repeatedly air exhaust in the tact of 60 seconds.

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Power Saving Accessory for Dry Pumps  ECO-SHOCK ES4A